empathie72 started initially as a full-service marketing agency. In 2014, the fashion affine owner Inga Ferlemann with distinctive fashion roots (Training: Retailer, Ludwig Beck Munich, Education: Textile Management, AMD Hamburg, long-term Product Management experience at various fashion companies in Germany and abroad) decided to develop her own sustainable fashion label empathie72 right away.


And all that just, because she could not find a simply casual silk blouse which was machine washable, affordable and fair produced  at the same time.


At the beginning, empathie72 successfully concentrated and positioned itself in the premium retail market in its home area - Bavaria. In the meantime, a number of supra-regional branches have been added, and there are definitely still a few more to come.



The young Munich label empathie72 makes sustainable fashion: simple, chic and elegant.


Everyday real all-rounders - blouses, tunics and dresses - all ladylike, classic and smart.

The own color palette ensures an individual, noble appearance with a special something. These outfits can accompany us to the office, the ladies' lunch, to the vernissage and to the business dinners and are always a first class business card.


Our well-being formula: Exclusive fabrics and materials, high-quality workmanship and love to detail.


Sustainable and fair produced - Made in Italy.


You can tell, you're feeling good!


"The purest form of luxury is reduction. A piece of clothing is perfect when nothing else can be removed.“

-Jil Sander